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The new LTSP wiki launches in beta status today. This means we need your help in creating up-to-date content for the wiki. In April 2012 a team of people got together and began a project to refresh the LTSP website. Since then we have created the LTSPedia, a new and very informative wiki.

Today we are requesting your support and knowledge, in building a single source for the best resources related to LTSP on the internet. Since LTSP’s inception in 1999, the community has driven the project and we intend to continue to support this. If you are interested in contributing ltsp-specific technical information to the LTSPedia in the format available now, please follow these steps to begin contributing. We invite you to join #ltsp on freenode; some wiki admins will be lurking there.

--Wim 20:00, 05 Juli 2012 (CEST)

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