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We'll be back at the Seawall Motel in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

The room rate is $84 US per night (plus tax). They have single and double rooms. if you want a single room, speak up quickly, as there aren't very many of those.


October 4 - 7th, 2012: Plan on arriving by Thursday, Oct 4th. Most people will hopefully stay until Sunday morning, the 7th.


The closest airports are as follows:

  • Bangor, Maine (BGR) - 54 miles
  • Portland, Maine (PWM) - 181 miles
  • Manchester, New Hampshire (MHT) - 275 miles
  • Boston, Massachusetts (BOS) - 282 miles
  • Bar Harbor Airport (BHB)-14 miles (but pricy generally)


The BTS has traditionally been a chance for LTSP developers and supporters to get together in a friendly informal environment where we can brainstorm design features, hack on code, fix bugs, work out issues and just have a great time relaxing in beautiful Southwest Harbor, Maine.


  • LTSP Website/Wiki - The new LTSP website and wiki are up and running, what's next?
  • Integrate libpam_sshauth, allow logins with lightdm
  • Drop cdpinger?
  • Discuss some form of bounty system?
  • Other topics - To Be Announced
    • extract advised options from distro specific ones in ltsp-build-client?


BTS is a very low-budget event, but we do have some expenses that need to be covered. If you or your company is benefiting from LTSP, it would be great if you could show some support for the project by sponsoring some portion of the event. Here's a list of some possible things that we need some help with:

  • The Acadia workshop - $150 [ Sponsor: Révolution Linux ]
  • Lobster dinner - Saturday night - $300-$500 depending on number of attendees [ Sponsor : DisklessWorkstations.Com ]
  • Friday night dinner - Pizza, sandwiches, etc - $150-$200 [ Sponsor Needed ]
  • Sunday breakfast - $100-$150 [ Sponsor: Révolution Linux ]
  • Refreshments - $200 [ Sponsor Needed ]

List of attendees

Name Coming from Arriving Departing Notes - flight info, dietary, etc.
Jim McQuillan Waterford, MI Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving from Detroit
Scott Balneaves Winnipeg, Manitoba Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving with Jim
Ron Colcernian Clarkston, MI Oct 4th Oct 7th
Chuck Liebow Southwest Harbor Oct 4th Oct 7th Living Here
Stéphane Graber Sherbrooke, QC, CA Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving from Sherbrooke
Marc Gariepy Sherbrooke, QC, CA Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving from Sherbrooke
Jonathan Carter Cape Town, South Africa Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving from Sherbrooke
Simon Poirier Sherbrooke, QC, CA Oct 4th Oct 7th Driving from Sherbrooke
Gideon Romm New Rochelle, NY Oct ? Oct ? Driving from NYC
David Trask Augusta, ME Oct 6th Oct 7th Driving cuz he lives close
Eric Harrison Portland, OR Oct 4th - Arrives @ BOS 8:26am. Oct 7th - Depart @ BOS 5pm Flying to Boston, driving up from there
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