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Welcome the LTSP Fedora page.

The distro-specific documentation is at:

Below you can see all LTSP commands relevant for Fedora

Status of LTSP in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / Centos 6 / Scientific Linux 6

Updated 7/02/2013 - Check here for the latest updates and install instructions!

* RPM Builds on EPEL:
 Stable Build: 5.4.5-20
 Testing Build: 5.4.5-23
* RPM Builds on repo:
 Current Stable Build: 5.4.5-23.el6
 Current Testing Build: 5.4.5-24.el6
* Current Phase: Stable
 Previous Phase: Testing - 03/11/2013 - 3/17/2013
 Release: 03/17/2013
 Code name: Clover
* Installation
 First install the LTSP repo GPG key and repo release rpm by following these steps. After the install
 please read the README.rpminstall for further instructions located in /usr/share/doc/ltsp-server-5.4.5/README.rpminstall
* How to install
  rpm --import
  rpm -Uvh
  yum install ltsp-server
  Edit config files in /etc/ltsp/
  Read the docs!!

Status of LTSP in Fedora 18

 * RPM Builds on repo:
 Current Stable Build: none yet, still lots of work to do for packaging.
 Current Testing Build: 5.4.5-18.fc18

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