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After a quick discussion on coding styles, here's what we've currently got for consensus:

shell scripts

  • Shell scripts should be fully posix compliant.
  • We will favour the use of if [ ]; then else fi, over && and ||, for clarity
  • When using a multi check if, exception will be using the
    if [ .. ] && [ .. ] || [ .. ] form, as opposed to [ .. -a .. -o .. ] form.
  • If a single line test is used, use test <conditional> &&/|| result, and only for tests that fit on a single line.
  • We'll use spaces instead of tabs, and the indentation level will be 4 spaces, the same as python.

C programs

  • Programs should be passed through the "indent" program periodically to clean them up.
  • The following indent command line should be used:
    indent -kr -i4 -nut -c50 -psl
    • K&R style (Scott's a greybeard)
    • 4 character tab width, and spaces instead of tabs
    • Align inline comments on column 50
    • A newline after function definitions
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