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From 11 until 16 march 2013


  • work on LTSP-LightDM integration
  • integrate Enslaver's Redhat code
  • replace jetpipe with nc or socat
  • drop cdpinger (LP: #1094998)
  • allow unmounting ltspfs mounts from nautilus (LP: #1094899)
  • drop .nbi support: it's been broken for 3+ years now, advice interested parties to create something like ipxe.nbi instead and chainload to it (LP: #487826, #976344)
  • make LTSP tools translatable (LP: #1008237)
  • talk about new configuration system to replace lts.conf/ldminfod (maybe part of GSoC)
  * As a possible suggestion, why not simply use user-defined options in dhcp?
  * Advantages: available directly in the initramfs, no new code to support.
  • talk about extracting LTSP-cluster to a separate package
  • location of lts.conf. Defaults to /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386 (even for amd64 clients)
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