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Hi there,

I would like to add a blueprint for adding Ceph/RBD and CephFS support to LTSP.

Ceph provides a distributed redundant storage cluster, which uniquely delivers object, block, and file storage in one unified system. Ceph delivers extraordinary scalability–thousands of clients accessing petabytes to exabytes of data. A Ceph Node leverages commodity hardware and intelligent daemons, and a Ceph Storage Cluster accommodates large numbers of nodes, which communicate with each other to replicate and redistribute data dynamically.

Even client connections are fault tolerant, so a "network share" will continue to be available, even it the server you are currently connected to goes offline. It's scalability makes it a perfect match for storing student data of a whole school or university. The fully redundant nature of Ceph increases fault tolerance both for NFS-like home directories and NBD-like root images.

  • The fully POSIX compliant CephFS (file storage layer) can server as a perfect replacement for NFS.
  • RDB - Rados Block Devices (block storage layer) can serve as a replacement for NBD.

I'd like to add the blueprint here, but do not have dev privileges yet.

I am currently commissioning a Ceph backed LTSP cluster, so I will be implementing this in the coming weeks for myself, but I would love to see it included upstream.

My best regards, Markus

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