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This article will explain how to add announcements to the announcement feed. Follow these steps or browse some actual announcements.

Write the Announcement

  1. If you have the correct permissions, you'll be able to create a new article in the Announcement namespace, for instance "Announcement:This New Announcement Rocks".
  2. Because of the way the feed-generator works, you'll have to put a link to the article itself inside the announcement text. Only then will the generated feed title link to the article.
  3. On the home page, the first paragraph will be displayed, while the rest can be viewed after clicking "read more". Make sure the first paragraph is not too large but succinct.
  4. End the announcement text with your signature.
  5. Also add the announcement category: [[Category:Announcements]]

Publish the Announcement

To publish your announcement into the feed, put it above the other announcements. The feed title is put in again, but the announcement itself is included as template.

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