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Applications typically run on the server, and display their output on the thin client display. With LTSP, it is possible to run an application on the thin client, thereby utilizing more of the local resources and putting less of a load on the server. We call this Local Apps.


If you want apps to run on the client itself, a few changes need to be made. First of all, an extra line in your lts.conf.

   LOCAL_APPS = True

Each application which has to run locally, needs to be installed in the client chroot. You can do this by updating your client chroot environment and installing the desired packages. It is also possible to combine this with your ltsp-build-client by adding the packages to the build client configuration. After rebooting the client you can now run any application which is installed in the chroot by issuing the following command:

user@server $ltsp-localapps xterm
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