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Traditionally, LTSP installation and maintenance required extensive use of command line tools. LTSP Manager is a new package, adapted from an older Greek application called sch-scripts during a Debian Outreachy project, that tries to make it possible to maintain LTSP using only GUI tools. LTSP developers recommend this method to install LTSP unless your needs don't match the limitations imposed by using a GUI instead of the more flexible command line.

Please read all the following subpages in order to install and maintain your LTSP lab using LTSP Manager:

  1. /Preparation: architecture, limitations, operating system installation suggestions
  2. /Installation: how to install LTSP Manager
  3. /Initial setup: actions to perform after LTSP Manager installation
  4. /Update image: create the virtual disk for the clients
  5. /User accounts: three ways to create user accounts
  6. /Netboot clients: how to configure the clients to boot from the network
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