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Here you'll find the minutes of the meeting.



Present were jammcq, Godfather, alexc123, Hyperbyte (chairman) and knipwim (secretary). A bit later we were joined by sbalneav, highvoltage and alkisg.

Previous minutes


Todo Log

  • alkisg and Hyperbyte discussed the migration, Hyperbyte has all the data to import
  • Hyperbyte implemented administration interface for website
  • knipwim made the doodle invitation
  • Hyperbyte and knipwim developed a proposal for holding public ltsp irc meetings

Meeting Agenda

The meeting topics were decided as is.


Meeting Proposal

category community
reporter Knipwim
topic Me and Jan (Hyperbyte) present their proposal for public LTSP meetings.
  • agreed: we will have the public meetings in #ltsp-meeting
  • agreed: we will publish the agenda and minutes on LTSPedia
  • action: knipwim looks at possibilities for irc bot meeting support.
  • action: knipwim changes in the Code of Conduct: "meeting target duration" becomes "typical meeting duration"

Stack Exchange

category community
topic Check on status of Stack Exchange, what should we do to improve.

Looking at the proposal, we still need 29 questions with 10 or more votes.

  • action: jammcq sends a reminder to ltsp-discuss
  • action: alkisg sends StackExchange reminder to Greek LTSP forums and Edubuntu mailing list


category community
reporter Alkisg
topic Like Epoptes, LTSP could use Launchpad to translate po files and automatically update them upstream. With message translator-credits the translator's credits will appear in the generated po file. However, we also need a proper administrator in Launchpad for this to work. Also related to #1008237.
  • agreed: move forward on this proposal
  • action: jammcq and alkisg look at the administrators in ltsp-drivers (project site) and ltsp-upstream (code).
  • action: vagrantc, alkisg and knipwim look at the technical implementation of the Launchpad translations migration

Question Round

No questions.

Next Meeting

Set at 19:30 CET on 2013-01-17 in #ltsp-meeting

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