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Here you'll find the minutes of the meeting.



Present were Hyperbyte (chairman), jammcq, knipwim (secretary), Enslaver, MeLLy, alkisg and highvoltage. No notices of absence. Special welcome to first time attendees Enslaver and MeLLy.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were approved.

Todo Log

  • The mass migration of Greek schools into website success stories will happen no later than the 21st of january.
  • The website contains a news sections displaying the wiki announcement rss feed.
  • jammcq contacted David Trask but has had no replies yet.
  • jammcq did not get replies for the dev meeting invite.
  • Hyperbyte fixed the MeetBot support for our irc channel bot.
  • The ltsp-drivers and ltsp-members are updated; changed project page maintainers to be the same as ltsp-drivers.
  • People can translate ltsp and ldm from the web UI in launchpad.

Meeting Agenda

We discuss the translation topic when vagrantc joins us.


Developer meeting

category development
reporter Jan Middelkoop
topic Do we have enough information from Doodle to plan a developer meeting?

Four people have responded to the Doodle, nobody to the invite. The plan is to invite all developers to the next meeting. Furthermore, we try to personally contact the missing devs, stgraber, mgariepy and sbalneav, and ask for their desired meeting time.

LTSP in RedHat Enterprise Linux?

category community
reporter Jan Middelkoop
topic Joshua Trimm was the candidate to take over RedHat Enterprise Linux / Fedora maintenance from Warren Togami. "I would be happy to work with a lead developer to bring the ltsp project to an enterprise environment. Our company uses a quite modified environment that i would like to show and help incorporate into the project."

Enslaver would like to contribute to the project, implementing LTSP for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6. He'll get together with jammcq to discuss this further. He can also poke alkisg (and other devs) for more information, and look at our packaging document.

Launchpad Translations

category development
reporter Knipwim
topic We can translate automatically, now we are able to gettext every output string. Did we decide on the correct syntax to do that?

No real discussion, alkisg and knipwim will make a proposal for next meeting, to hopefully discuss this further when vagrantc is around. For some info: When a translated string is the same as the en_US original, don't leave it untranslated. Translate it, but don't change it.

Source packages

category development
reporter Knipwim
topic Some distributions which compile from source do not have the ability to download from bzr. Hosting the versioned source packages from somewhere can solve that. Can we use for that, or do we use Launchpad releases in our new series.

knipwim looks into launchpad downloads, not only for new releases but also for older (LTSP 4) ones.

Launchpad answers

category community
reporter Alkisg
topic We could also use the answers module of Launchpad for users answering questions. For a comparison, look at Epoptes.

Let's see how StackExchange fares first (read: wait a couple of months), after that we look into this again.

Question Round

Developer to-do items are better suited as bug reports (wishlist) and should be kept off the meeting to-do list.

Next Meeting

Set at 19:30 GMT+1 on 2013-01-31 in #ltsp-meeting

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