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Here you'll find the wikified minutes of the meeting.



Present were Hyperbyte (chairman), knipwim (secretary), highvoltage, jammcq, vagrantc. Later, Enslaver and alkisg also arrived. GodFather said he would we be absent by mail.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were approved.

Todo Log

  • The mass migrate Greek schools into website success stories has been done.
  • jammcq contacted sbalneav, but he could not attend, no known preferred dev meeting times.
  • highvoltage contacted stgraber and mgariepy, they could not attend and no known preferred dev meeting times.
  • We now have downloads for releases of ltspfs, ltsp and ldm on Launchpad.
  • Enslaver seems to have made great progress on the RedHat LTSP integration.

Meeting Agenda

We postponed the developer meeting topic until alkisg arrived.


LDM rewrite

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic LDM maintainance issues: We have 3 maintainers if LDM is rewritten in shell; noone while it's in C. The greeter could be rewritten in pygtk, as it was before some years.
  • General idea is to not rewrite LDM, but instead point all arrows towards switching to lightdm. Meanwhile, the bug in LDM does need to be mended somehow.
  • We do not have enough information about this issue to discuss this further. sbalneav should be in #ltsp starting next week, it would be better discussed there with him.

Developer meeting

category development
reporter Jan Middelkoop
topic Did we get new information regarding the best possible time to have a developer meeting? Can we agree on a proper meeting time now?
  • The developer meeting will take place on February 11th, at 19:30 GMT+1 in #ltsp-meetings.

Redhat LTSP status update

category development
reporter Knipwim
topic I'm wondering how far along Enslaver is in getting LTSP to run on Redhat.

Enslaver is able to build and run i386 clients on RedHat alkisg and knipwim are available to help Enslaver merge his code into ltsp-upstream. What remains is a union fs type filesystem for the client which all distro's can use. This is going to be a topic for the dev meeting.

David Trask and LTSPedia

category documentation
reporter Jam
topic David Trask expressed some interest in LTSPedia. He's going to enter the channel halfway in the meeting to explain.

David was absent, so the topic moves to next regular meeting.

Question Round

  • The LTSP 4.2 release can be found here.

Next Meeting

The dev meeting, set at 19:30 GMT+1 on 2013-02-11 in #ltsp-meeting

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