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Here you'll find the wikified minutes of the meeting.



Present were Hyperbyte (chairman), knipwim (secretary), Enslaver, vagrantc, alkisg, jammcq, sbalneav and warren.

Meeting Agenda

We discuss libpam_sshauth first, also a new topic "Block device choices" after the Union FS topic.


Switching to libpam_sshauth

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic When do we start, and how do we coordinate cross distro testing and release.

Scott's libpam_sshauth is the way to go together with ltsp-lightdm. For LTSP 6, the goal is to ditch LTSP's own ldm in favor of another dm. Currently leaning towards lightdm as default although it should be possible to have others.

  • We're going to have a ltsp-lightdm hackathon from 11 until 16 march.

LDM rewrite

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic LDM maintainance issues: We have 3 maintainers if LDM is rewritten in shell; noone while it's in C. The greeter could be rewritten in pygtk, as it was before some years. The general idea is to not rewrite LDM, but instead point all arrows towards switching to lightdm. However, it is an immediate problem because of #1093144, and schools are switching back to 10.04 or Windows.

LDM rewrite no longer relevant. alkisg works around the LDM bugs for now by creating a script that kills all client-side user processes before disconnecting SSH.

Union FS type standard

category development
reporter Enslaver
topic LTSP should have a generic union fs type solution for clients, funionfs?. Who's doing what in this project?
  • We implement all required overlayfs modules (fuse and kernel) in the required initramfstools and implement it in init-ltsp.d as fallback.

Block device choices

category development
reporter Enslaver
topic NBD has functional drawbacks and becomes less supported across distro's.

There are alternatives to NBS, like AoE or iSCSI. The consensus is that more filesystem options are ok, but should be implemented in a structured way.

  • Enslaver is going to work on a proof of concept iscsi implementation.

Developer cooperation

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic Which parts is each developer interested in implementing, and when?
  • Postponed until after the hackathon.

LTSP Future

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic Do we focus more on thin or fat clients? Do we switch to proposing LXDE if Gnome requires OpenGL? etc.
  • Postponed until after the hackathon.

We later discussed on the topic of distro development direction and how much each distro should be in sync with all the most recent LTSP developments.

Attracting more developers

category community
reporter Alkisg
topic How do we attract new developers? For example assigning them bite-size tasks until they become more familiar with the LTSP code base etc.
  • More users would also attract more developers.
  • Making LTSP easier would attract more users.
  • What would help in understanding LTSP is conceptually depicting how each piece correlates with each other, a map if you will. This would help users and developers.

Question Round

Our StackExchange site is still in proposal. For anyone who can, vote on all question with less than 10 votes.

Next Meeting

Set at 18:30 UTC on 2013-02-25 in #ltsp-meeting

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