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Here you'll find the wikified minutes of the meeting.



Present were Hyperbyte (chairman), knipwim (secretary), jammcq, sbalneav, alkisg and Enslaver.

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were approved.

Todo Log

  • LDM rewrite no longer relevant. alkisg works around the LDM bugs for now by creating a script that kills all client-side user processes before disconnecting SSH.

Meeting Agenda

We've added the topics "Web vs Dev meetings" and "Keeping in touch between meetings".


Hackathon Wiki page

category development
reporter knipwim
topic Focus attention on the Hackathon wiki page and related stuff.

sbalneav has things to a point where a vm with no users can log in with lightdm, and start a remote desktop session (twm, for testing), see LTSPPamNotes for details. He proposes to do the integration in a new LTSP 6 tree.

Google Summer of Code

category development
reporter Alkisg
topic Shall we enter in the GSoC? Who will mentor, what ideas do we have?

I had two things in mind. One, that I'd like a new configuration system for LTSP.

One that would combine lts.conf, ldminfod and would clean ltsp_config a bit as part of the process (ltsp_config is very badly designed, it was supposed to cache stuff for speed but instead it requires a file write for every variable we want to set).

  • It would consist of a python-based server (similar to ldminfod but without inetd) that would get configuration requests from the clients, e.g. "wget http://server:8080/ip=xxx&mac=yyy&phase=pressh", and it would reply with a sourceable shell script for that specific client.
  • Also, it would be coupled with an `ltsp-config apply-config` executable that would generate pxelinux.cfg/default options and maybe even dhcpd options, all coming from our "master" configuration file, somewhere under /etc/ltsp.
  • And finally, it would include a GUI editor that would allow sysadmins to do all that stuff graphically.

The second part is that I wanted to involve Phantomas, the epoptes co-developer, to LTSP. He's a student at a Computer Science University and he's good with python/gtk. It'll be good to have him in our team. So, I'm willing to be a mentor for those ^. I don't think I want to be a mentor for other persons though, I've cooperated with Phantomas and I like working with him; he's very clever so I usually only have to describe half of the software we want to him; he finds out the rest himself.

  • alkisg moves forward with his proposal for Google Summer of Code (+1: Enslaver knipwim Hyperbyte sbalneav -1: jammcq)

David Trask and LTSPedia

category documentation
reporter Jam
topic David Trask expressed some interest in LTSPedia. He's going to enter the channel halfway in the meeting to explain.

Postponed until David Trask comes into this meeting.

Web vs Dev meetings

category community
reporter Hyperbyte
topic Do we have separate web and dev meetings?
  • We have general LTSP projects meetings, suitable for web-topics as well as dev-topics or anything else relating to the LTSP project.

Keeping in touch between meetings

category development
reporter Jam
topic What type of communication do the developers use to communicate between meetings?
  • We'll bring ltsp-developer mailing list back to life, see how it works as alternative communication for IRC.
  • knipwim makes an overview of communication options currently available to us now

Question Round

  • The LTSP StackExchange isn't as popular as we hoped, but we'll leave it there, see how it goes. Perhaps LTSP6 will attract more interest.
  • knipwim puts search link in a more obvious place
  • Hyperbyte makes a proposal for acceptance into 'professional support'
  • Hyperbyte puts in the support list

Next Meeting

The Hackathon project kickoff meeting is on March 11, next project meeting is on April 1st, no joke, seriously.

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