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This document describes the code of conduct for the public LTSP Project Meetings held in #ltsp.



  • general LTSP projects meetings, suitable for web-topics as well as dev-topics or anything else relating to the LTSP project
  • professional organization, with chairperson and secretary for each meeting, who take care of creating agenda, minutes and sending a meeting reminder
  • public meetings in #ltsp, for transparency and to encourage community participation
  • public agenda and minutes on the wiki
  • meetings should be on-topic and to-the-point, typical meeting duration is 1.5 hours
  • decisions should be made based on reasonable consensus
  • meetings should be held every month
  • each discussed topic results in one or more decisions or todo’s (a todo can also be to summarize a discussion and gather more information in order to re discuss the topic)


A few official procedures are intended to streamline meetings on irc. Most streamlining is done with the help of MeetBot.

Roll call

In one minute, all participants make themselves known by replying to the roll call.

<chairperson> Agenda item 1a: Roll call
<attendee1> chairperson: making notes
<attendee2> chairperson: present
<attendee3> chairperson: ready in 2 minutes


In case a vote becomes necessary to reach a conclusion, meeting chairperson will poll attendees. Attendees will reply with +1, -1 or abstain.

<chairperson> Poll: should we have a European LTSP conference?
<attendee1> +1
<attendee2> +1
<attendee3> abstain
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