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On March 11, we do the Hackathon kickoff meeting, the next LTSP project meeting will be held in #ltsp-meeting at 18:30 UTC on 2013-04-15. To suggest a topic, add it to the meeting topics. All meetings will be held according to the Code of Conduct.

user@server $date -d '2013/04/15 18:30 UTC'



  1. roll call
  2. apologies for absence
  3. introduction of new attendees

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The previous meeting was 2013-02-25.

  2. approval

Todo Log

# who what
1 knipwim fix css for wiki toolbar (for small screens)
2 jammcq sends StackExchange reminder to ltsp-discuss
3 alkisg forwards jammcq's StackExchange reminder to Greek LTSP forums and Edubuntu mailing list
4 jammcq invites David Trask to next regular meeting (decide after dev meeting)
5 knipwim puts the wiki search link in a more obvious place
6 Hyperbyte makes a proposal for acceptance into 'professional support'
7 Hyperbyte puts in the support list

Meeting Agenda

  • Ask if there are any topics to be added to the agenda, or the existing topics to be ordered differently.


X11 protocol compression

category development
reporter Enslaver
topic Possibly revisit the idea of looking into NX, 4 is closed source but NXv3 is not, the x2go project is worth looking into for that aspect, I have pinged one of the developers and asked to speak with him. Possibly asking if he could attend a meeting might be beneficial for all.

Professional Support

category website
reporter Jan Middelkoop
topic Discuss when to accept an entry to the LTSP professional support page.

David Trask and LTSPedia

category documentation
reporter Jam
topic David Trask expressed some interest in LTSPedia. He's going to enter the channel halfway in the meeting to explain.

Question Round

  • Every attendee can say one last thing. Order based on roll call.

Plan Next Meeting

  • Set time and date for next meeting.
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