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The following table describes the file contents of each dir in the upstream sources.

upstream directory description usually packaged to
/common Contains common functions for client or server.
/common/doc Contains documentation common to whole LTSP. Should perhaps be put into ltsp-docs.
/client The ltsp-client stuff.
/client/$DISTRO Contains an overlay of all common code specific to $DISTRO
/client/share All client libraries /usr/share
/client/share/ltsp/init-ltsp.d /usr/share/ltsp/init-ltsp.d
/client/share/ltsp/ltsp_config.d /usr/share/ltsp/ltsp_config.d
/client/share/ltsp/screen.d /usr/share/ltsp/screen.d
/client/share/ltsp/screen-session.d /usr/share/ltsp/screen-session.d
/client/share/ltsp/xinitrc.d /usr/share/ltsp/xinitrc.d
client/udev Udev files for LTSP.
/server The ltsp-server commands.
/server/$DISTRO Contains an overlay of all common server code specific to $DISTRO
/server/configs Configuration files for ltsp-server. /etc/ltsp
/server/docs All server related docs, also man pages
/server/docs/examples Configuration examples for ltsp-server.
/server/docs/examples/xinetd.d Xinetd configuration examples for ltsp-server. /etc/xinetd.d
/server/share Server libraries /usr/share
/server/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/common Contains generic ltsp-build-client plugins. /usr/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/common
/server/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/$DISTRO Contains distro specific ltsp-build-client plugins. /usr/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/$DISTRO
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